Medical alert bracelet alike system functioning globally

Medical alert bracelet alike system for elderly that works globally

Are you getting older much faster than you ever thought? If that is the case, I have a couple of things to tell you. According to this page “[…] emergencies happen. That’s why a medical alert system is a life-saving investment for any senior. The ability to call and receive help at the touch of a button gives seniors and their loved ones the reassurance and peace of mind they deserve. […]”.

It seems that it is time to go for the bracelet

Well, if you really feel insecure in your senior’s life you should go for that medical alert bracelet. Because it is surely a life-saving device, not only for men but for women too!

I’ve just bought the system and let install it

Not so fast… Yes, the medical alert bracelet system can be installed and implemented, but not now, the technical support told me. There are already many clients before you. And we have to check, whether the system is going to work under your environment…

Meanwhile I got the bracelet installed, but…

What happens, if I somehow start to bleed heavily and need urgent help? Do I get it through this medical alert bracelet? Certainly you will get the help you need, but will that happen on time for you? Maybe not. For that case you should have also a helping network around and next to you!

Many times distance between bracelet and base too large

You have to take care, that you are not too far away from your home! Do you need all that freedom???

My bracelet has a green button too, nice but…

I would love to be in touch with my loved ones, and not only with the central support hotline of my bracelet! Hello?

I want to go abroad on holiday, perfect but…

According to the system’s provider, before I go on vacation, I have to turn off my medical alert system, because it won’t work in foreign countries anyway! WHAT???

My Portuguese neighbor wants your system, but doesn’t speak any English

Sorry! But we don’t speak any Portuguese. What a pity. Shame on us!

Help, next time my grandchild will go on a blind date

And what does the medical alert bracelet have to do with that?

Remember, for those cases you have silentnet’s “rememberme”.

Enough is enough

So many advantages, but so many disadvantages too…

Well don’t worry, take the medical alert bracelet with all its advantages, and bypass the disadvantages by creating and activating your SILENTNET!