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What is silentnet?

Silentnet is a kind of medical alarm, AKA Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) or medical alert, conceived not only for older people but also for everyone. It works without any expensive proprietary devices and usually you get it working within roundabout 10 minutes!

Why silentnet?

Because we are convinced that silentnet can prevent many “Algarve” cases!

Important note in advance about silentnet

This service is for the time being reserved for members belonging to PAIS, but also for all the people that have been invited by any partner of PAIS!!!
And the following text as well as the corresponding form are currently being adapted!

Procedure for the creation of a silentnet network

You can use this page to create a so-called silentnet. You will then be informed by email if the system complies with your request!

Depending on the order situation at PAIS, the reply to the installation process can take up to a few minutes!!! However, should it take longer than 10 minutes, please contact us, because in the meantime something could have gone wrong!

Is silentnet free of charge?

Yes. This service is for the time being free of charge and therefore the legal recourse to it also excluded. However, this service can be charged in the future.

Would you like to improve silentnet?

If you have a suggestion for improving this service page, please let us know in the “Write a comment” section below.

Not only silentnet is very important, but also this

You use our silentnet service voluntarily.

Well, now get to the point

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