Applications directory

Applications directory according to the § 4e of the German law BDSG concerning the automated data processing

Under § 3 par. 2 BDSG German law are considered automated processing, the collection, processing or use of personal data by data processing equipment. The “automated data processing” means all activities carried out by a person responsible for processing for a particular purpose with their personal data associated. This however does not mean that a separate notification for each of the processing steps is required. But each automated processing method of data, which serve different purposes, such as processing of contracts, advertising files, personal data processing, financial accounting, etc., are to be incorporated in the application directory. Although several similar methods can be presented succinctly.

1) Responsible entity

2) Representation

2.1) Owners, directors, managers or legal directors or appointed in accordance with the articles of association
Adriano Ferreira Pais

2.2) Persons responsible for directing the data processing
Adriano Ferreira Pais

3) Address of the entity
Lindenstr. 6
Phone: 02103.339098-0
Telefax: 02103.339098-9
eMail: applications_directory(at)

4) What is the purpose for the collection, processing or the use of the data?
Essentially the process is intended to provide customers and interested estimates and approximate price information on translation services.

5) Groups of affected people, and data or data categories
People affected:
Customers, stakeholders.
Data on persons affected under § 3 par. 1 of the German law BDSG:
Name / s himself / s name / s, treatment, eMail.

6) The recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data might be disclosed; on data transfers to third countries see the point 8.
The data collected through our platform are not communicated to any recipients.

7) When is the data going to be deleted?
Immediately after processing the request, the data transmitted by you is deleted. If the quote turns into an order, so anyway it will result in a collection of new data. These in turn will be subject to legal storage periods, statutory or contractual. During the storage period according to § 35 par. 3 al. 1 of the German law BDSG data can be blocked at the request of the interested party.

8) Planned data transfer to third countries
Data transfers to third countries don’t take place, neither there are plans for doing it.




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