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::: Fields for translation agencies :::

Through this page you can ask PAIS for a kind of quote, related to a translation desired by yourself. After a while you will be receiving the corresponding information via eMail.

Depending on the actual amount of orders at PAIS, the answer to your price query can take a couple of minutes!!! If however the answer to you needs more than 10 minutes, in that particular case please contact us personally, as meanwhile something could be gone wrong!

Please take into account that you will be receiving a simple price estimate for the region of Central Europe. It sometimes can be inexact and is always supplied without any warranty. Furthermore, with that, PAIS is not automatically making you a binding offer, nor accepting an order from your side. We apologize for any inconvenience!

At the moment this service is free of charge, and for that reason, we decline the right of legal persuit. This service can cost somewhat in the near future.

In case that you have a proposal for the improvement of the functionality of this service, please get in touch with us, right here on the bottom of this page, under “Leave a Reply”.

You are using our service in a free way.

Now do fill in carefully the necessary fields and send us your data, followed by the file to be translated.